There are many companies that advertise flat rates for services. Unfortunately most people have learned; after the work has been completed, that these prices are rarely accurate. We understand that all projects are unique regardless of the size and scope. That is why we offer a free on site survey to determine all final pricing. The price we quote is the price you pay. No surprises.

We understand how confusing the new technologies can be. That's why included with our initial consultation services, we offer our customers professional advice as to which systems would best meet their needs within their specified budget.

This is the procees, so if you are ready, let's begin.

Contact Us - Simply call or email us for an initial consultation. One of our technicians will return your request promptly. We will initially discuss the scope of the project in terms of your primary objectives.

Schedule an appointment - We will personally come out to meet with you for a no-cost consultation. We want to hear your ideas and explore the potential of your home or business, sharing some possibilities that may not have occurred to you. Then we'll evaluate the project based on your desired outcomes and the logistics involved in working with your space.

Proposal - With your goals and your space in mind, we'll develop a preliminary custom design. You will be presented with a proposal that includes recommended products, product placement, installation requirements and the entire cost.

Contract - After reviewing the final assesment you will be provided with a contract stating exactly what the job entails and the entire cost.

Approval - After reviewing the agreed upon contract, each party will sign in agreement. This is the time for you to fine-tune any part of your design. Audio Architects will work with you to finalize all details and secure your stamp of approval.

Installation - Once you've signed off, work can begin. Before long your home or business will be transformed into the perfect environment that best suits your needs. Welcome to a higher quality of life.

Our Guarantee - All of our work is guaranteed for one year and rest assured, we'll be available to you long after your project is complete. While today's systems are very reliable, should you require service or decide to add a room to your system, we'll be there to help.


To schedule a sight survey or installation, call us at (718) 644- 6575, or visit our Contact Us page