Bar/Restaurant - Sound / TV Installation

At Audio Architects we will carefully analyze all aspects of your business. The type of food served, site specifications, customer analyses, and many other aspects that play vital roles in the success of your business. Based on this information; television and sound systems can be either engaging, enveloping, or efficient. We will design and install your multi zone sound systems, televisions, matrix systems, projectors...whatever will make your bar/restaurant stand out above the rest!

Home Theatre Installation

Our company can help you select the right equipment or simply install what you have. There is a wide range of what can be done with the installation of your Wall mount, Home Theater, Sound System, Screen, Projector or Flat Panel TV. Once the installation process is finished, you will receive a demonstration on how to use your new TV and its components, and also sign-off on a customer satisfaction form that assures the installation was done to your liking...

Surveillance Systems

Audio Architects is a leader in CCTV system integration specializing in the design and installation of commercial or residential video security and surveillance systems, infrastructure wiring, and more. Staying on the cutting edge of technology to meet todays ever changing needs, our goal is to provide our clients with the highest standards of service, performance, and simplicity afforded by the systems available today.

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